Adam Scott and caddy part ways

Australian golfer Adam Scott is on the lookout for a new caddie after sacking Steve Williams, who helped guide him to his only major title, the 2013 Masters as well as to the top of the rankings during their three and a half year run together.

Scott made the announcement after finishing ninth in the Tour Championship which saw Williams carry his bag for the last time.

The 50 year old Kiwi has also expressed his desire to cut back on the number of weeks he spent on Tour to spend more time with his family, his wife and 8 year old son back home in New Zealand. He proposed that he caddy for Scott between March and September, a time during which the bulk of the Aussie’s playing schedule takes place.

When asked about the proposal that Williams had put forward to him, Adam Scott stated that he understood the position of the Kiwi, adding that his life and career path are completely different from his and it needs to be worked out. He also admitted that having a part time caddie didn’t appear to be quite appealing to him.

Scott also thanked Steve Williams for helping him achieve some of his career goals during the time they had been together as a team. But Adam Scott also mentioned that the priorities and goals of both of them are at different points now and that is why, they had decided that the best thing to do at this time was move on.

Williams also recently said that although his semi-retirement might have put off Scott from retaining him, he might still be interested in going back to caddying for his former employer Tiger Woods if only the American gave him the call to return after firing him in 2011.

Tiger Woods Will Not Be A Part of The U.S Team At The 2014 Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods’ fans will obviously be disappointed because they will not be able to witness Woods’ performance in the Ryder Cup this year.

A four player U.S team is going to be sent to the Ryder Cup. The captain of the U.S team is Tom Watson who was thinking about selecting Tiger Woods as one of his teammate for the Cup. However, Woods made it clear that he does not want to be a part of the team.

Woods has taken this decision because ever since he won the major championship in the year 2008 at the US Open, he has been facing lots of personal problems. Along with that, he has been struggling with serious injuries- the latest being the back injury.

On the 31st of March, 2014, Woods underwent a back surgery and therefore he revealed that he will not participate in the Ryder Cup because he is not perfectly fit for it.

According to his trainer and doctors, Woods needs to rest so that his back muscles can be healed and rehabilitated efficiently. Therefore he can neither play golf nor indulge in any kind of practices related to the sport. Woods is very disappointed as he will not be able to participate in the Cup.

Tiger Woods is going to support the U.S team at the tournament and thinks that the team is outstanding and is going to perform really well in the Ryder Cup 2014.

Tom Watson (U.S team captain) is going to select his fellow teammates for the Cup on 2nd of September, 2014. Watson is of the opinion that Woods did a very smart thing by being honest about his health. He wishes that Woods recovers soon and gets back into the game with a bang. Watson’s main aim is to select three U.S players who will give their best at Gleneagles.

Rory Mcilroy Celebrates His Victory With Close Friends In NYC

Rory Mcilroy has surely been working hard on his golfing skills and this clearly reflects in the recent successes that he has been able to achieve even without the help of any lady luck. Mcilroy won the PGA National Championship on the 10th of August, 2014.

The PGA championships took place in Kentucky this year. Mcilroy faced tough competition from Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson. However, he was able to win the tournament very conveniently.

After the tournament, Mcilroy went to New York in order to celebrate his success at the championships with a few of his close friends.

Sources said that Mcilroy and his bunch of friends were seen at around 3:30 am in the 10ak nightclub on Monday (11th of August, 2014). Later, they were spotted at Lavo where they were having lunch. Mcilroy and his friends also went to Bodega Negra in order to attend Dream Downtown Hotel’s dinner party.

The next day (12th of August, 2014) at around 1 am, Rory Mcilroy went to Avenue (famous nightclub in NYC) along with his male friends. Sources also claim that a large number of booze bottles were ordered by Mcilroy and that his table was close to George St. Pierre’s (UFC fighter) table at the club. The whole crew left Avenue at around 2:30 am. Rory Mcilroy enjoyed with his group of his male friends and he showed no interest whatsoever in any of the women present at the club.

Mcilroy in the month of May had got out of his relationship with Caroline Wozniacki (tennis player from Denmark). According to Mcilroy, the break up has had a good effect on him since he has got the ultimate opportunity to focus only on golf. He has taken all the correct decisions and has practiced hard because of which he is reaping the benefits now.