Graeme McDowell At PGA

In the PGA Championship that Graeme McDowell was a part of recently, about three days back, there were hecklers calling out Baba Booey for his shots that irritated him considerably.

If you are at Baltusrol you will hear this news all weekend. Several fans of the championship event, especially those who are native to New Jersey, have been calling out random things to their favorite golfers. The comments come before, after or during a shot even. It was found to be a nuisance by many golfers. It becomes difficult to shut up fans that are rowdy as they can be vociferous and as it is a spectator sport, it is expected as well.

However, when a fan yelled Baba Booey after Graeme McDowell hit a tee shot into the par-3 forth it definitely seemed to be targeted to mess up the timing of the golfer. The comment was yelling when the second round was being played. The pranks that seem to be inspired by Howard Stern were probably targeted in messing up the timing for the golfer. McDowell was able to make the shot right, but he wanted to stop the obnoxious behavior of the fan. He reacted to the comment, putting down the fan for the disturbing comment and behavior he exhibited in the background.

This happened at the PGA Championship that was hosted on Friday. Graeme is a popular figure and many were there to see him play. Those who are familiar with PGA events either live or watched the broadcasts on TV would know that the professional tees are usually surrounded by several spectators and often a fan might yell something that might cause an impact on the concentration of the player. That is what happened on Friday and Graemeā€™s reaction was approved by many who disapproved of the prank.