Graeme McDowell hopeful about Dubuisson

Graeme McDowell is happy to have his stint with Victor Dubuisson and has also expressed high hopes about the Frenchman’s career. Graeme paired up with Victor at Ryder Cup foursomes triumph at Glenagles.

The French player had his debut in the Ryder Cup this year alongside McDowell & they were together for the maximum time in the afternoon prior to seeing off seasoned American pairing of Keegan Bradley & Phil Mickelson.

McDowell was highly impressed with his new partner and was really open about it in public. “I have always been really fortunate in the Ryder Cups & have got quite decent partners. Definitely I paired with Rory for the last 2 years – he seemed to be okay. I feel myself very fortunate to play along a golfer who I feel has the potential to be the next golf superstar of Europe”, stated Graeme.

“He was really awesome today”, McDowell continued his praise for Dubuisson. “He did not miss out on a single shot. Victor’s iron-play was simply outstanding in extremely tough conditions.”

Victor admitted that he was actually tensed in his maiden Ryder Cup venture yet he was able to come out of the issues and swing in full glory.

“It was just amazing, playing with McDowell”, stated Dubuisson.”I was tad nervous yesterday. The morning was quite a prolonged wait – it seems we kind of tweed off around 2:35 in the afternoon- you get up at 8 in the morning & keep on thinking about afternoon the entire morning. However, the huge time spent with Graeme has actually helped me a lot. While I was having a walk with him towards the tee, the stress just disappeared. It was a great positive feeling which helped me to play the game at best”, he added in.